Octane Render - ClayOverride

Octane ClayOverride by Fuchs & Vogel media solutions.

Creating a clay rendering can sometimes be tricky. When using Octane’s default “Clay Mode”, polygonal surfaces are automatically assigned a bright Diffuse material. This results in a very fast and responsive feedback, ideal for lighting or debugging purposes. One if its biggest flaws, however, is its inability to preserve Specular (glass, liquids, etc.) surfaces.

Octane Render - Beauty Render

Octane Render – Beauty Render

Octane Render - Default Clay Mode

Octane Render – Default Clay Mode

What this plug does is go over the Cinema 4D object tree and override applied materials with a custom, editable Octane material. The added advantage is the “exclusion” feature which gives you the ability to preserve scene materials of choice. In the example below we chose to override all surfaces except the glass panels on the left. A convenient toggle button allows you to turn the effect on and off – a real time saver!

Octane Render - ClayOverride

Octane Render – ClayOverride

Octane Render - ClayOverride Guide

Octane Render – ClayOverride Guide

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