About Me – Cliches and Stereotypes.

Hello! My name is Dobromir Dyankov and I’m a full time CG Artist and Educator, making a living from this new and dynamic field. Based in Varna, Bulgaria, I strive to create visually compelling 3D images and motion graphics. My passion for design has lead me to collaborate with award-winning studios like ManvsMachine (London) and Aixsponza (Munich) just to name a few. To work with people from all over the world is truly an amazing experience.


inlifethrill.com launched few years back, mainly as a forum to showcase my freelance work as well as a place to keep a record of what I was creating while learning. As time went on, I felt confident enough to start sharing my own tips and screen recordings. Since then I’ve added over 40 free video tutorials and nearly 10 hours of commercial training for visual artists.

Freelance and Availabilty.

I love travelling and meeting cool people. If you feel like one and wish to work on a project together, please get in touch! e-mail: hello[at]inlifethrill.com
p.s. Seriously, cool people only. For real. Not kidding.


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